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Kaktus-Klub 3-4-2010
Russian collections: Nikolay Fedjukin ( Moscow reg.)
Georgy Popov. Tephrocactus aoracanthus or Tephrocactus ovatus ?
Jaromir Chvastek . Stetsonia coryne as a grafting stock
Sergey Chervinko: Happy New Year! 2011 has arrived!
Victor Gapon. Our calendar: 2011
Hans Till is 90!
Victor Gapon. How I waged war against thrips
Natalia Schelkunova, Nata Ellis. Mini-encyclopaedia of popular cacti and other succulents
Boris Noskov. Toumeya papyracantha (Engelm.) Britton et Rose
Boris Noskov is 75!
Alexander Suleymanov. An interesting case of using cytokinin on Toumeya papyracantha Britton & Rose
Victor Gapon. Where does a species end and a cultivar begin?
Nata Ellis. Boswellia nana Hepper
Tamas Deli, Janos Barna. Conophytum pellucidum S chwantes 1927
Alexander Laptev's pictures: Scenery with hang glider
V. Gapon. Gymnocalycium riojense var. pipanacoense, Gymnocalycium riojense var. guthianum
Gymnorus 28
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